Where to buy a Real Christmas Tree in Tameside

Real Christmas Tree Sellers in Tameside

Do you live in East Manchester and are you looking for a local real Christmas tree seller? Well, you’ve found the right team that can help you find the perfect real tree this winter.

The process of buying a real Christmas tree can be a little stressful and time consuming. You generally need to find a Christmas tree farm, drive over to the location, spend hours selecting the perfect tree and sometimes the quality of them aren’t up to standards because they were cut a week ago. After which you have to load up a van to then drive it home before spending hours decorating it. Thats a lot of effort. And, thats why we started our business.

We decided to take make the whole process a lot easier. Quite simply; we take take customer order, select the best tree, cut the tree down and deliver it straight to your door.

We only sell premium Nordman Fir Christmas trees (these are the best ones) and we offer free delivery across Tameside too.

Areas in Tameside that we deliver to:

Ashton-under-Lyne / Audenshaw / Denton / Droylsden / Dukinfield / Hyde / Mossley / Mottram / Stalybridge

Post Code Areas that we deliver to:

M11 / M18 / M34

Delivery Dates

Thursday 6th December / Friday 7th December / Saturday 8th December / Sunday 9th December / Thursday 13th December / Friday 14th December / Saturday 15th December / Sunday 16th December

Placing your Christmas tree order

Our ordering process is simple:

  1. Select your tree size
  2. Add a stand if you require one.
  3. Select your delivery date
  4. Make payment
  5. We’ll then keep you informed about your delivery.

And, if you have any questions then just drop us a message on Facebook: fb.com/ChristmasTreesManchester/

Recycling your Christmas tree locally

Once Christmas is well and truly over and you’ve put that last box of decorations back then you’re left wondering what do you do with your real Christmas tree? How do you dispose of it? Where do you take it?

The Garden Bin from the Council

Thameside Council accepts Christmas trees in your food and garden bin (the brown one) however you’ll need to ensure that its chopped into pieces and generally that the branches are no thicker than your wrist. Previous customers tend to dispose and recycle their 5 to 7 foot Christmas trees this way.

For further information please visit the Thamesie council website – www.tameside.gov.uk/refuseandrecycling

Bayley Street Recycling centre

Alternatively, you can take your real Christmas tree to the Bayley Street recycling centre in Stalybridge. This is usually a better approach if you have a larger than a 7 foot Christmas tree. The recycling centre accepts vehicles under 2m (cars) and over 2m (transit vans) in height. However, there are different opening times depending upon the height of your vehicle.

Address: Bayley Street Recycling Centre, Bayley Street, Stalybridge, SK15 1PZ

Opening hours (for vehicles under 2m)

  •             Monday – Sunday 8am – 8pm
  •             Closed Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

Opening hours (for vehicles over 2m).

  •             Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm
  •             Closed Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

Full details about the Bayley st. recycling centre can be found here: www.recycleforgreatermanchester.com

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