Interesting Facts about Christmas Trees – Christmas 2011

Here are ten very interesting facts about Christmas trees:

    1. In Germany, Christmas Trees date back to the 16th Century. They was introduced to England when Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s, husband made it part of the festive celebrations at Windsor Castle.
    2. The earliest known mention of a Christmas tree in the United States of America was in the diary of a German settler in Pennsylvania.
    3. Eight years is the average time it takes for a Christmas Tree. More than ten different varieties of Christmas Trees are grown in the UK.
    4. The most popular Christmas Tree sold in 2011 is the Nordmann Fir.
    5. Electric lights on Christmas trees were first used in 1895.
    6. Each year the City of Westminster, England is given a Christmas tree from the people of Oslo, Norway. The gift is of gratitude for Britain’s help to Norway during World War II.
    7. The daily oxygen needs of 18 people can be provide by an acre of real Christmas trees.
    8. A tree will consume as much as two pints of water per day in the first week of being in your home. However, Christmas tree are known for removing dust and pollen from the air.
    9. Seven million Christmas Trees will be planted this year.
    10. The Christmas tree that stands outside 10 Downing Street is presented by the winner of the ‘British Christmas Tree growers associations‘ “best Christmas Tree” competition.

We will be posting another blog article soon with more interesting facts on Christmas Trees. Remember to check back soon.

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