5ft – 6ft Christmas Tree

Premium Nordmann Fir

Price: £45.00

We only sell one type of Christmas tree and that’s the premium Nordmann Fir.

This type of tree has the classic shape with long, soft dark glossy green needles. It is also widely regarded as a low drop Christmas tree because of its excellent needle-holding properties. These are the trees which don’t drop all of their pine needles.

Premium Christmas trees are standardised in terms of height, shape and overall look.

Quick facts about this Christmas Tree

Height 153cm – 183cm
Quality category: Premium
Needle retention: Non-drop
Length of needle Long
Touch Soft
Colour Dark green
Time taken to grow: 6 years
Where was it grown? England & Scotland
Does it come milled? Yes
Does it come with a base? No
When are they cut down? 24 hours to 3 days before delivery.
How long will it last? It depends upon the conditions in the home plus the base you use. We recommend keeping the tree away from the radiator plus utilising a water holding stand.
Cutting down trees. Is it bad for the environment? In our case its the total opposite. Selling xmas trees creates a stronger need for agricultural land. For every xmas tree we cut down, we plant a new one. We’re a carbon neutral business and we plant a tree in the America’s for every tree we sell.

Tree Height

We sell the trees in height categories just because the height can be marginally different depending upon how they’ve been cut down. It’s difficult to cut at the lowest point on every Christmas tree. However, we ensure that the tree is within the height category and in most cases it will be somewhere in the middle of 5ft & 6ft. Each tree in the premium range has been hand picked.

Real Christmas trees generally grow at a rate of 1ft per year so this tree has taken us around 6 years to grow. In that time we’ve applied a lot of love, care & attention in order for this tree to meet our premium standards. So our customers celebrating Christmas in 2019 would have started within us planting a small seed in early 2013.

The 5ft to 6ft Christmas is often preferred in apartments or houses with limited space. If you’re really short on space then feel free to drop us an email to request the smallest tree in this category and we’ll do our best to hand pick you the perfect tree.

Christmas Tree Stands

All of our Christmas trees come without a stand or base. The reason being is that our customers prefer to select their own base or stand. Additionally, we prefer to reduce wastage as a business and some customers already have stands for their Christmas tree. Theres no point in us providing trees on a wooden bases when the customer already has a water holding stand.

Our trees, however, do come milled which mean they’ve been cut at the bottom to fit into pretty much any stand. We also offer a range of bases to suit a range of budgets.

From wooden block designed to hold up the tree to water holding stands designed to keep the tree looking fresh & lasting longer. For this tree our strongly recommend a water holding stand and the best one would be the Cinco 6 Advantage stand.

This stand is durable, you’ll be able to use it plenty of times in the future, but most importantly it holds water. Even though the tree has been cut down and therefore it no longer has its roots. It will, however, still absorb water through the bark of the tree. Its this absorption that helps the tree to last longer of the festive period.

Price: £45.00

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