Real Christmas Tree Delivered

Delivery Date

Saturday 1st December




All deliveries are between 7am & 7pm. We will email you the day before to give you a 4 hour delivery slot.

A freshly cut premium Nordmann Fir real Christmas tree available in a range of size and available to be delivered on Saturday 1st December 2018.

How Fresh?

We usually cut our trees 1 or 2 days before the delivery date. This allows us enough time to select your tree, cut it down, net it and then logistically distribute it to our Manchester depot. In some instances, on the very busy days, we even cut trees down on the day of the delivery. Therefore if you select this date then your tree would have been hand picked and cut down on Thursday 29th or Friday 30th of November.

The reason why we try and shorten down the time between cutting down the tree and delivering it is because the fresher the tree – the longer it will last. What you might now know is that when you buy a real christmas tree from a retail store then it might have already been cut a week before and therefore its already dried out.

Range of Sizes

We sell one type of Christmas tree – the premium nordmann firs. The reason why is because we’ve concluded that this is the type that customers want. It’s strong to hold the decorations. It retains its needles so you’re not left with thousands on the floor and its soft to touch. Its the perfect traditional ‘christmas tree’ shape with the correct shade of green. Additionally, we only sell the premium level of nordmann fir.

We offer the Nordmann Fir in a range of sizes; 5 to 6 foot, 6 to 7 foot, 7 to 8 foot, 8 to 9 foot, 9 to 10 foot and above 11 foot. We also recommend a water holding stand for all trees under 8 foot in height.

This tree doesn’t come with a base or stand as standard. You can, however, add a stand to your shopping cart.

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